Jury’s Choice Award (BX5)


Drive Media Myanmar မှ ကြီးမှုးကျင်းပသော တတိယအကြိမ်မြောက် Myanmar Car Of The Year Award 2019 တွင် ကျွန်တော်တို့Borgwardရဲ့ လူကြိုက်အများဆုံး Model တစ်ခုဖြစ်သော BX5 မှ Jury’s Choice Award ကို ဆွတ်ခူး ရရှိခဲ့ပါသည်။
၁၉၁၉ ခုနှစ် Germany နိုင်ငံတွင် စတင်ခဲ့သော BORGWARD အနေဖြင့် ယခု ၂ဝ၁၉ ခုနှစ် တွင် နှစ် ၁ဝဝ ပြည့် ခဲ့ပါပြီ။ Myanmar Car Of The Year ၏ Jury’s Choice Award ကို Brand (၁၂) ခု ၊ ကားအမျိုးအစားပေါင်း (၄၃)စီး အနက်မှ ကျွန်တော်တို့ Borgward BX5 ကို ရွေးချယ်ခဲ့ပါသည်။

Myanmar Car of the Year 2019

Jury's Choice Award Winner at Myanmar Car of the Year 2019

Borgward BX5 - Jury's Choice Award Winner Myanmar Car of the Year 2019

Myanmar Car of the Year 2019 - Jury's Choice Award

Myanmar Car of the Year 2019 - Borgward BX5

Myanmar Car of the Year 2019

CarsDB Autoshow Yangon 2019

CarsDB Autoshow Yangon 2019 ကားအရောင်းပြပွဲကို ၂ဝ၁၉ ခုနှစ် ၊ နိုဝင်ဘာလ ( ၁၅ ၊ ၁၆ ၊ ၁၇ ) ရက်နေ့ The One Entertainment Park တွင် BORGWARD ကားများကို Promotion ပြုလုပ်ခဲ့ပါသည်။

ဂျာမနီကားထုတ်လုပ်ရေး Borgward မှ ပြည်တွင်းသို့ SUV မော်ဒယ် ၃ မျိုး တင်သွင်းရောင်းချ

CarsDB မှ ကြီးမှုးကျင်းပသော ရန်ကုန်မြို့တွင် အကြီးကျယ်ဆုံး မော်တော်ယာဉ်ရောင်းပြပွဲ ကြီးကို ၂ဝ၁၈ ခုနှစ် ၊ နိုဝင်ဘာ ( ၁၇ - ၁၈ - ၁၉ ) ရက်နေ့ သုဝဏ္ဏဘူမိ Event Park တွင် မြန်မာပြည် ကားဈေးကွက်သို့ စတင်ဝင်ရောက်လာသည့် Germany Brand ဖြစ်သော BORGWARD အမှတ် တံဆိပ် BX5 , BX7 , BX7 TS တို့ကို မြန်မာနိုင်ငံ၌ တရားဝင် ဖြန့်ချီခွင့်ရသူ Go Excellent Myanmar Co,Ltd မှ တရားဝင် မိတ်ဆက်ခဲ့ပါသည်။

Reaching The Finish Line Of The Borgward Grand Tour


The Borgward Group AG concluded the market launch of its premiere model BX7 TS with a marathon drive, the Borgward EU-Asia Grand Tour, that ended in Germany. A total of six SUV models of the brand completed the “torture tour,” driving a 12,000-kilometer course that took them from the company’s ultramodern production plant in the Miyun district of Beijing to the Borgward headquarters in Stuttgart. Representatives of many international media accompanied the SUVs from the start of the tour on October 10 to today’s crossing of the finish line — an assignment that enabled them to experience the Borgward models’ robust performance at first hand. Through rugged terrain, dusty and sometimes very hot stretches of desert, sudden onsets of winter that covered roadways with ice and snow, and endless traffic jams in major cities such as Beijing and Moscow, all of the Borgward models completed this extraordinary transfer drive without any errors or accidents.

Autodis ESCH/Mersch To Become Borgward Distributor For Luxembourg

The Luxembourg-based AUTODIS ESCH/MERSCH will be the first Borgward distributor in Europe. The automaker, which is headquartered in Stuttgart, made the announcement on Tuesday. “AUTODIS ESCH/MERSCH is a renowned company that has been successful on the market for decades. We’re delighted that it will handle sales & service for Borgward in Luxembourg,” said Gerald Lautenschläger, Executive Director European Operations at Borgward Group AG.

“We’re convinced that the legendary Borgward brand will build on its past successes and we are optimistic that we can successfully establish it in Luxembourg,” said Marc Graas, CEO of AUTODIS ESCH/MERSCH. Borgward’s market launch also marks its return to Luxembourg, where the automaker sold Borgward, Lloyd and Goliath models back in the 1950s.

The Graas Group has been selling automobiles since 1926. AUTODIS ESCH/MERSCH has 127 employees who generated revenues of €72 million last year and delivered around 4,500 vehicles.

BX7 TS Limited Edition Successly Launched

More than 500 visitors attended the first customer VIP event, which took place at the Stuttgart brand center last weekend.

Borgward started sales last week with the BX7 TS Limited Edition in Germany and Europe. With the presence of Christian Borgward, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Borgward Group AG, grandson of company founder Carl F.W. Borgward, more than 200 test drives were conducted between Friday and Sunday. “We are thrilled with the response of our customers,” said Executive Director European Operations Gerald Lautenschläger.

Dr. Philip Koehn New CEO Of Borgward Group AG

The Supervisory Board of Borgward Group AG has appointed Dr. Philip Koehn effective July 1 as the new CEO of the Stuttgart-based car manufacturer.

Dr. Koehn will maintain with the responsibility for research and development on the Executive Board. He is succeeding Ulrich Walker, who has headed the company since April 2015. „Borgward is entering into the next phase of its resurrection. As we enter into this new phase, we are making a change in leadership as planned,“ said Christian Borgward, Chairman of the Supervisory Board in Stuttgart, adding: „We are convinced that Dr. Philip Koehn will continue the excellent work of Mr. Walker and lead the company forward.“ During the recent years Borgward had set its focus on its roots and its pioneering spirit to re-establish the brand again. With the launch in Europe, the group will now focus on what is the „pioneering spirit“ of Borgward today and in the future: Electric vehicles, innovative technologies, attractive and modern design, digitization and differentiation with a progressive and seamless customer experience.

The Board thanks Mr. Walker for his contribution. „Mr. Walker has shaped Borgward decisively over the past three years and has created a solid foundation for Borgward to re-establish itself in the automotive industry,“ continues Christian Borgward. This includes the establishment of the structures of Borgward Group AG and the market launch in China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and now also in Germany. Mr. Walker will remain with the company in an advisory role until the end of the year. „I am proud to have been part of the rebirth of Borgward. With the start in Germany, I can, as planned, confidently hand over to my successor Dr. Philip Koehn,“ Walker said.

Dr. Philip Koehn was appointed to the Executive Board for Research and Development effective June 1, 2018. Previously he was Head of Development at the British luxury manufacturer Rolls-Royce.

Dr. Philip Koehn – New Chief Technical Officer CTO At Borgward Group AG

The supervisory Board of Borgward AG has nominated Dr. Philip Koehn as CTO of Borgward Group AG, Stuttgart. “We are glad that we could win such an experienced manager for Borgward AG”, said Ulrich Walker, CEO of Borgward Group AG. Previously Dr. Koehn (48) was Director of Engineering at British luxury car maker Rolls-Royce. “I am really looking forward to take over this challenging task together with an international team: electrification, a profitable portfolio enlargement based on a common platform as well as further establishing Borgward as premium car manufacturer. I am sure that Borgward will continue the extraordinary heritage of this brand”, said Dr. Koehn.

Borgward BX7 Impresses In Offset Crash

First EuroNCAP-based crash test passed

As part of its market preparation measures, Borgward Group AG cooperated with TÜV Rheinland to have a crash test conducted today at an NCAP-certified crash lab. In an offset frontal crash that was conducted according to Euro NCAP requirements, the premiere model for the German market did well across the board as it sped at 64 km/h into a deformable barrier with a 40 percent overlap. The deceleration values for the two adult dummies (in the driver’s and front passenger seats) and for the two child dummies on the rear bench seat were mostly in the non-critical range. Commenting on the crash tests, Dr. Tilo Schweers, Chief Developer of Borgward Group AG, emphasized the effectiveness of the comprehensive Borgward B-Safe safety system. “Occupant protection has top priority during the development of our vehicles such as the BX7,” he said. “The results of the first crash test in a neutral, certified lab in Europe demonstrate that we are on the right track in this area. This positive impression will be confirmed by the additional crash tests we have planned.”

Borgward Group AG will enter the German market, where it will initially offer a limited-edition vehicle series. The series will not be subject to the full Euro NCAP crash testing program with its star ratings, because the Brussels-based Euro NCAP agency conducts this program only for model series that are produced in unlimited numbers.

Borgward BX7 ODB Crashtest nach EuroNCAP

Borgward BX7 DKR To Take Part In The World’s Toughest Off-Road Rally

The Stuttgart-based automaker Borgward will be returning to motor sports next year, when it will take part in the 40th Dakar Rally. Borgward has decided to take this step because it is currently preparing for its market launch in South America next year. Participation in the rally will increase the brand’s popularity in the entire region and at the same time demonstrate the products’ reliability and durability under even the most extreme conditions. “We are convinced that our rally vehicle, the BX7 DKR, has everything it takes to successfully complete the world’s toughest off-road rally,” says Tom Anliker, Senior Vice President Global Marketing, Sales and Services at Borgward Group AG.

The Borgward BX7 DKR is a thoroughbred SUV prototype that was specially created for this rally. The vehicle’s appearance is based on that of the Borgward BX7 volume model and will participate in the prototype class T1.1, which includes many illustrious vehicles. Borgward has hired Nicholas Fuchs from Peru to drive the vehicle. Well-known to motor sports insiders and beyond, Fuchs is an experienced rally driver with German roots who became the WRC2 Production Champion in 2013 and has also won numerous endurance races in North and South America. In addition, FIA has honored Fuchs four times as South America’s best rally driver. Fuchs, who is famous in his home country, is looking forward to working together with Borgward. “It’s a great honor for me to drive in the Dakar Rally for a brand as renowned as Borgward. Besides, the Borgward BX7 DKR has what it takes to be very successful in the rally!” he says.