May 13, 2016

A wide-ranging program: At its World Meeting in Bremen, the BORGWARD Group AG presented the work being done by this young automaker with a rich tradition.

The future meets the past

Bremen/Stuttgart (GER). The Borgward World Meeting in Bremen from May 5 to 8 was an all-round success. About 500 owners of classic Borgward models showed off their historic vehicles under sunny skies at the Waterfront shopping and leisure center. The event was the biggest Borgward meeting ever held. About 20,000 guests gathered to admire these automotive treasures, which ranged from the oldest Lloyd model from 1908 to legendary classics such as the Isabella, the Arabella, and the P 100 from the 1950s and 1960s. Another unique experience was the guests’ first contact with the resurrected brand. The four prototypes of the premiere model, the BORGWARD BX7, impressed the classic car enthusiasts and were enthusiastically accepted by the brand’s worldwide fan club. The visitors came from 15 countries, with the fans from Australia and the USA making the longest journeys.

The meeting’s information and entertainment center was the performance stage, which was the setting for numerous events. The BORGWARD Group AG used a show truck as a stage for its extensive supporting program, which presented the work being done by this young automaker with a rich tradition. For example, young designers from the BORGWARD Design Center in Renningen near the company’s headquarters in Stuttgart presented detailed insights into their creative work, put the final touches on a life-sized clay model, created automobile sketches on stage, and then distributed the sketches to members of the audience.

In Bremen, the company presented prototypes of the BORGWARD BX7 series, which have a length of 4.71 meters and a wheelbase of 2.67 meters. These vehicles are all-wheel-drive SUVs featuring equipment that is largely based on mass-production technology. The BX7 embodies classic SUV qualities such as versatility, comfort, and off-road capability, while also boasting the most spacious interior in its class and an innovative online infotainment system. The BORGWARD BX7 will celebrate its debut on the European market in 2017 with pioneering plug-in-hybrid and all-electric versions. This confirms the BORGWARD Group AG strategy of systematically promoting the electrification of the powertrain. All of the production series will be launched in Europe with a model that has either a PIH or a purely electric drive system that has a range of 250 kilometers and minimized recharging times.